Solarmark Gaming
Building community in games since 2011.

Being an adult community is to be a Life First community.

We are committed to providing a community that is attentive to the realistic needs and availability of adult gamers. Families, jobs, housework, and beyond keep us at times from the games we love. Our hope is that our community gives you an “online home” to come to when you find the right time for you to play.

Member Driven

Guided by our community for things from servers to events, we strive to meet the needs required to grow in any game that peaks it’s interest.


Through the support of members in the community that contribute donations monthly, we are able to consistently give back to the community through giveaways, events, and more!

Game Servers and Services

Our game servers and services are provided and maintained by community members who work professionally in the I.T. industry, so you know it’s always the best.

Always one click away.

From the Discord to our Forums, you are always only moments away from socializing with your community and friends. Click below to join our Discord server now and start meeting amazing adult gamers and make new friends!